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Hey there!

I’m Nat, the founder of Klever! After years of working with talented people all over the world, I saw a need for a better way to find and work with the incredibly talented people that are essential for building amazing companies.

After working with people in different countries all over the world I kept going back to the Philippines to find my best team members. Their great english proficiency, work ethic, and skill expertise was excellent. Naturally, in my typical excitable fashion I told friends and fellow entrepreneurs about the incredible talent I was finding in the Philippines and to my surprise they all asked the same question…”Can you find me one?” It became clear to me that a platform with pre-vetted top talent that companies could easily access and contact would be a game changer for both businesses and talent. 

…So Klever was born. 

We’ve built an exclusive community of pre-vetted top talent in the Philippines that saves companies the headache and time of posting jobs, reviewing hundreds of resumes, and going through endless interviews. Now companies can simply search our community for the exact talent they’re looking for, contact them directly, and start working together. None of those crazy recruiter fees, markups, or commissions.

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the hiring experience for companies and give more opportunity to great talent around the world. We can't wait for you to be a part of this journey!

Welcome to Klever!

Nat Smiley
Founder @ Klever

Our Talent

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Data Analyst
Social Media Manager
Virtual Assistant
Real Estate Virtual Assistant
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